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Our team is here to provide you with a high level of expertise

and shows you that the APREX TRACK R&D solution is adapted to your needs: nothing could be simpler !


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APREX TRACK C&M R&D is designed to meet the multiple requirements of researchers confronted with complex data analysis.

Your data is loaded and displayed in a few clicks, even for non-standard formats (8, 10, 12, 16, 24, 32 bits) or massive data volumes (videos of 30 GB or more). You have access to a wide variety of filtering tools, which you can combine as you wish, and you can view the result in live. You can define an area of interest of any shape, calibrate your data spatially and temporally, opt for simple or extremely sophisticated detection and tracking methods, keeping control of all settings at all times. Finally, you can easily edit and export your results to insert them into your presentations, or export them to display them with your usual analysis and editing tools.

Whether your analysis problem is classic or complex, we provide you with a robust technical solution that is fast and easy to use.


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Feasibility study, custom adaptation, application or software package development…

Our team of specialists will also help you to identify, choose and install your vision system, from the choice of camera to the computer system in line with your needs.

You will benefit from a global turnkey and scalable solution.


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APREX TRACK R&D is designed to meet the multiple image and video analysis needs you encounter in your labs, regardless of the imaging diagnostics you use.

Our solution will save you precious time in the analysis of your data, whether it is a posteriori analysis of massive data collected during measurement campaigns, or live analysis of data collected in the course of your experiments.

We provide you with a technical solution that is robust, fast and easy to use, and fully configurable: you always keep control of all the parameters and analysis methods.

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