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TRACK is a toolbox allowing you to work on your videos

TRACK is APREX’s answer to the problematic of detection and tracking of multiple objects recorded on video or streamed from a camera

TRACK provides you with tools developed during several years in research laboratories to address complex and demanding issues in a wide range of fields. TRACK is a toolbox allowing you to work on your videos regardless of the observed structures, your expertise in image analysis and the power of your computer. TRACK is designed for demanding users looking for a simple, efficient and versatile solution.

1. Open your videos or pictures regardless of their format

Our users work with a wide diversity of material and encoding format :

  • 16bits infrared camera
  • camera from electron and optic microscopes
  • 8, 12 and 16 bits fast imaging camera
  • webcam…

2. Live interactivity

Play or stream as fast as your computer can. Display in live parameters such as velocity, surface,…

  • flash downloading up to 10 Go file
  • smooth navigation regardless of the size of the file
  • 100 fps for HD video

3. Improve your video if needed

Only a limited image processing tools are really needed. Adjust instantaneously:

  • contrast/brightness
  • apply color filters
  • erode
  • smooth …

We can add the features that you found missing

4. Use our thresholding methods

TRACK provides you with simple as well as state of the art

  • auto-adaptive multi scale
  • simple min/max segmentation

5. Test and choose the appropriate detection methods

Our users detect large, small, round or oval structures and filter according to their area, aspect ratio… Measure:

  • Number
  • Area, perimeter
  • Lean angle
  • Aspect ratio
  • Intensity (min, max, average, median) …

6. Test and choose, in few seconds, among complementary tracking methods

Our users track a wide diversity of motions:

  • ballistic trajectories
  • chaotic dynamics
  • rebound
  • biological dynamics

7. Interact easily with the detection and tracking data

Filter, Select, display and replay the data that you really need with the quick display panel

  • Trajectories
  • Mapping
  • Temporal evolution
  • Distribution function of any saved parameters

No need for a powerful computer

Use TRACK regardless of your processor, the system memory (min 1Go) or your OS, Ubuntu, Windows or MacOS.

Our users noticed: 30 fps analysis speed for HD video with hundreds detected and tracked structures with a CORE i5.

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