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A software designed for you,

born in the course of research in plasma physics

Simple and open…

APREX TRACK R&D is designed to be handled by researchers, engineers and technicians who are not image analysis specialists.

The solution is designed to work simply and efficiently: a single software package for all your image and video analysis applications.

You have complete control of the software without the need for programming.

You instantly visualize each of your choices.

By testing multiple methods in seconds, you achieve optimal results in a matter of minutes.


APREX TRACK has led to several global advances in terms of analysis, which have recently been published (link to publications).

The output is maximum to allow you to work in all conditions (laboratory, on the road, …), without the need for considerable computing power: a simple laptop is enough.

Whatever the number of structures to be measured or monitored (several tens of thousands), and whatever the imaging conditions, even the most complex, we enable you to carry out your analyses in the best conditions.


APREX TRACK R&D allows the analysis of a multitude of different cases: thermonuclear fusion, biomechanics, fluid mechanics, animal biology, cell biology, material sciences, etc.

This tool will accompany you in the evolution of your research themes.


APREX TRACK R&D was born from the impetus of 4 researchers.

We have incorporated our know-how and scientific rigour throughout the development of the software.

We have designed a tool that you really have a handle on, while using the most advanced methods.

Since 2017, we have been listening to the research teams working with our software to constantly improve and enrich it.

We maintain a scientific watch to guarantee you a solution at the best possible level.

APREX Solutions is hosted at the Institut Jean Lamour in Nancy, where we test our solution on a daily basis.


Our goal is to save you time.

At a time when the administrative portion and budget justification are constantly increasing, you will no longer need to allow weeks to exploit your recordings.

Some users analyze their images directly during their experience.

The comfort and time saved will easily allow you to make the most of the subscription we offer.

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