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A complete accompaniment,

from the definition of the specifications to the realization, installation and training of your teams.

Simple and open

APREX TRACK C&M is a scalable solution, simple to set up and easy to use.

Thanks to its ergonomic and interactive graphical interface, you are in control as your needs evolve.

Installation is simple and secure.

Versatile and innovative

APREX C&M opens up quality control and processes new applications that were impossible until now: multitude of defects, complex imaging conditions, speed of analysis, …

Because you need a tool capable of following you everywhere, APREX C&M can be used on all supports: fixed stations, portable systems, embedded systems, …

In complete safety

APREX C&M has been developed by high-level research teams, backed by a world-renowned laboratory, and enjoys the recognition of the scientific community.

However, you benefit from a robust industrial tool, tested and validated on production lines for several years and throughout the world.

You benefit from our expertise and assistance, both technical and scientific.

You can send us a sample of your images or videos: we will analyze it free of charge and show you that the solution works in your specific case.


APREX C&M is a robust system designed to improve your productivity and rationalize your production line :

  • Increase your production rate: system proven in difficult conditions for continuous flow analysis, 24/7.
  • Optimize your scrap rate through an objective and precise control: minimize losses and increase customer satisfaction by detecting possible defects as early as possible.
  • No need to invest in new hardware: the solution integrates with your current tool, recent or old, and with any operating system (fixed or laptop computer, tablet, embedded system, drone, …).

Real customer service

Feasibility study, custom adaptation, development of applications or software packages.

Our team of specialists will also help you to identify, choose and install your vision system, from the choice of camera to the computer system that meets your needs. You benefit from a global turnkey and scalable solution.

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