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The APREX TRACK suite applications

Short circuit causing explosion

This video was recorded with a fast camera (5000 frames/s) showing the formation of a metal bridge in fusion between two electrodes.

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Fluid deformation

This video, taken in very low light condition, shows the accelerated deformation of a complex fluid.

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Trapped dust in a low temperature plasma discharge sheath

This video shows the carbon dust dynamic formed in an Argon and Acetylene plasma.

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Dust particles in the COMPASS tokamak (IPP Prague)

This spectacular sequence shows dust formed during plasma ignition in the COMPASS tokamak.

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Skyrmions tracked in a Kerr effect microscope

This video, recorded at CMRR laboratory in San Diego university recorded with a Kerr effect microscope and shows the motion of skyrmions.

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Ants trackings

The video, recorded in real conditions outside without control of brightness, shows an ants colony traveling between food and an anthill.

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Birds around a tree

This video, recorded in an urban environment during snowy weather, shows a bird colony flying around a tree.

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Champagne bubbles

This video recorded with a smartphone at 60 fps and 1080p resolution, shows Champagne bubbles in a blida glass.

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