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Some examples of applications of the APREX Track R&D solution

Supersonic displacement of glass beads accelerated by a supercritical nitrogen jet

CRITT TJFU and APREX solutions are working together to integrate its TRACK R&D technology into the supercritical nitrogen process

for real-time monitoring of the supersonic nitrogen process for surface treatment.

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Short circuit causing an explosion

This video recorded with a high-speed camera (5,000 fps) shows the formation of a bridge of molten metal between two electrodes.

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Deformation of a fluid

This image sequence, taken in very low light conditions, shows the accelerated deformation of a complex fluid.

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Dust trapped in a plasma sheath in a cold plasma discharge

This video shows the dynamics of carbonaceous dust formed in an acetylene and argon plasma.

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Dust in the COMPASS tokamak of the IPP Prague

This spectacular sequence shows dust formed during the ignition of a plasma in the COMPASS tokamak, a facility dedicated to research on controlled thermonuclear fusion.

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Skyrmion tracking in a Kerr effect microscope

This video from an electron microscope, shows the movement of skyrmions or quantum particles.

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Ant tracking

This video was recorded in real conditions, outdoors, without light control, and shows a colony of ants travelling between a food source and an ant hill.

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Birds around a tree

This video, recorded in an urban environment and in snowy weather, shows a colony of birds circling around a tree.

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Champagne bubbles

This video, recorded with a Smartphone at 60 fps and 1080p resolution, shows the rising of champagne bubbles in a blida glass.

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