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Romain Baude

Romain Baude received a PhD in Physics and Engineering of plasmas in 2014 at the University of Toulouse. After an engineering degree in Nuclear Fusion in the framework of the ITER project, he continues his specialization in instrumentation and in particular in imaging until 2017 at the University of Aix Marseille. In April 2017, he co-founded APREX solutions, a company that markets software dedicated to video analysis for research labs and control applications in industrial environments.

Mikaël Désécures

Mikaël Désécures is a Nuclear Fusion Engineer and PhD in Physics. He did his thesis and a post-doctorate at the Jean Lamour Institute on the study of plasma-surface interactions and deposition processes. In the course of his work he developed new diagnostic techniques and data analysis software. In April 2017, he co-founded APREX solutions, using his expertise to design and commercialize a new generation of video analysis software.

Frédéric Brochard

Frédéric Brochard joined the CNRS as a researcher in 2007. He is leading the Fusion Plasmas team at the Jean Lamour Institute, where he conducts experimental research in plasma physics, particularly in the context of the ITER thermonuclear fusion reactor project. As a specialist in fast imaging, he develops innovative data analysis methods for his research, some of which are now used by the APREX company, for which he also acts as a scientific advisor.

Jamal Bougdira

Jamal Bougdira is Professor of Electronics at the Faculty of Science and Technology. He is a member of the “Plasmas – Processes – Surfaces” team at the Jean Lamour Institute. His research activities focus on the study of plasma-surface interactions and the development of functional materials in thin films. He is in charge of the scientific pole M4 “Matter, Materials, Metallurgy, Mechanics”. In 2017, he joins APREX as an advisor on scientific software development.