Dust particles in the COMPASS tokamak (IPP Prague)

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Dust particles in the COMPASS tokamak (IPP Prague)

This spectacular sequence shows dust formed during plasma ignition in the COMPASS tokamak.

The COMPASS tokamak in IPP Prague is a high-level equipment which contributes to the international research effort on magnetic confinement thermonuclear fusion.

This video, recorded at 10 000 frames/s, shows dust particles produced by plasma wall interaction during the discharge ignition.  The thermal emission of dust heated at temperatures up to several thousand of degrees makes them visible despite their small size (from several up to hundreds of microns). Dust also create secondary plasma generating stretched filaments along the magnetic field lines. When the plasma is stabilized, dust is no longer formed, and the discharge goes on.

This video illustrates the performance of the auto-adaptive multi-scale thresholding on a high definition color video presenting important fluctuations of intensity. It also shows the performances of the tracking module on many objects with very different motion characteristics (difference of velocities, direction changes, sudden accelerations).