APREX TRACK R&D : new paper

In the context of spintronic research, our APREX TRACK R & D software has been used by researchers from Peking University, Paris-Sud University and the University of Lorraine.


Spin-orbit torque provides a powerful means of manipulating domain walls along magnetic wires. How-ever, the current density required for domain-wall motion is still too high to realize low power devices.We experimentally demonstrate helicity-dependent domain-wall motion by combining synchronized fem-tosecond laser pulses and short current pulses in Co/Ni/Co ultrathin-film wires with perpendicularmagnetization. The domain wall can remain pinned under one laser circular helicity while being depinnedby the opposite circular helicity. Thanks to the all-optical helicity-dependent effect, the threshold currentdensity due to spin-orbit torque can be reduced by more than 50%. Based on this joint effect combiningspin-orbit torque and helicity-dependent laser pulses, an optoelectronic logic-in-memory device is exper-imentally demonstrated. This work enables an alternative class of low-power spintronic-photonic devicesbeyond the conventional approach of all-optical switching or all-current switching for data storage.

Boyu Zhang and al.