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Quality Control or Manufacturing Process Control ?

Whether your needs are classic or complex, we have developed a simple and effective solution for you.

A solution for what?

Quality control: sort and classify, respect compliance

Control manufacturing processes

Secure production tools

Assist operators: diagnosis, control, …

From images or video streams, multiple possibilities for…

  • Detecting
  • Measuring
  • Identifying
  • Following
  • Counting

New methods to meet your needs…

Our solution has the ability to identify a very large number of defects or elements, simultaneously and in real time.

Moreover, you can integrate it into your production line, even continuously and at very high speed.

The software will be able to detect and track at a very fast pace, pushing the limits of current solutions.

We also stand out for our ability to perform surveys and analysis under complex imaging conditions.

No matter what environment you are in, APREX TRACK will deliver reliability and performance.

Integration into your production tool…

You can choose between 3 levels of interaction:

  • Office: the office mode, to set up, configure, analyze…
  • Nomadic: to assist your operators on their workstation
  • Autonomous: to control or pilot an automaton or a robot, to send information to an ERP, to trigger alerts…

Whatever equipment you’re using…

Our solution is designed to be compatible with all vision systems:

  • Industrial cameras
  • Integrated or embedded systems
  • Infrared cameras
  • High-speed cameras
  • Sonars
  • Thermography
  • X-rays
  • Microscopy

Innovative architecture at your service…

APREX C&M’s innovative architecture integrates artificial intelligence algorithms resulting from several years of research.

Thanks to the innovation of our methods, you will obtain a more precise and efficient control of your production and/or manufacturing processes.

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