APREX solutions: The industrial processes controlled with the video

«… Les travaux sur le contrôle vidéo des procédés industriels de la jeune pousse APREX solutions…»

«…The young start-up APREX solutions working on the video control of industrial processes…»

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The complex imaging conditions are found both on the production lines and in the R&D departments of the manufacturers. To answer these two very different uses, we give two faces (interface), to our software core:

APTREX TRACK C&M: Software for Control and Measurement on production line. With camera and computer device, APREX TRACK C&M analyzes the production in real time. TRACK C&M can communicate the generated data to a production, guidance or ERP machine, for example, to reject a faulty product.

APREX TRACK R&D: Desktop software to turn images and video into scientific and technical data. With interactivity and efficiency that can satisfy non-specialists in image analysis, but with very high expectations, for any instrument: microscope, high-speed camera, sonar, …