APREX TRACK C&M Application – Depalletizing Control

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Background :

  • Major player in the automotive battery industry facing a robot depalletization problem
  • Problem positioning the batteries when palletizing or moving the pallet which leads to difficulties when depalletizing.
  • Leads to a production line stoppage and requires the intervention of operators to restart the production line.
  • Several unsuccessful attempts and research of solutions on the part of the industrialist to compensate for these untimely production stoppages.

Objective :

  • 80% reduction in robot downtime

Solution implemented :

Implementation of APREX TRACK C&M :

  • Compact computer device associated with 3 HD cameras and LED lighting.
  • APREX TRACK C&M centralizes the flow of the 3 cameras to make a specific analysis combining standard methods and artificial intelligence.
  • APREX TRACK C&M takes care of the communication with the robot via an industrial PLC.

Our goal is to determine for each row of batteries :

  • the vertical and horizontal inclination
  • the height
  • the position
  • the number of batteries
  • the status of depalletization
  • the presence or absence of protective elements

Particular points encountered :

  • Control carried out in an industrial environment without the possibility of controlling natural lighting.
  • Control performed on black and grey uniform colour batteries, generating reflections.