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A simple and efficient software,

which allows you to transform your images and videos into scientific data…

Ease of use and efficiency

We have developed an ergonomic and intuitive interface with the versatile tools you really need.

  • Analyze any video: black and white, color, HD and UHD, from fast camera, infrared or even microscope, telescope, sonar… of any format.
  • Whatever the field of application: living matter, debris, dust, quantum particles, electrical systems, plasma discharges, nuclear fusion…
  • Whatever your experience: researchers, engineers, technicians, students, image analysis specialists or not.

Software at the cutting edge of detection and tracking algorithms

We have selected and developed cutting-edge detection and tracking algorithms that have been tested and validated by researchers in various fields.

  • Adaptive Threshold and Detection: Developed over several years of research, this tool allows you to detect and monitor structures of interest, regardless of the noise level, inhomogeneity and variations in brightness and contrast of the environment.
  • Tracking algorithms based on Bayesian probabilities: This tool allows you to track a structure despite its temporary occlusion and supports the disappearance and appearance of hundreds of structures simultaneously.

Different applications and realizations

Biologie cellulaire

Mécanique des fluides

Physique des plasmas

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