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APREX, Analyses de PRofils EXperimentaux, has grown up from our desire to share the expertise and know-how of scientific research in the field of instrument and data analysis throughout efficient, versatile and easy to use solutions.

Our objective is to provide the best solutions to people who demand efficient and great quality tools in order to focus on the interpretation work.

To do so, we are developing and challenging our solution at the Jean Lamour Institute, one of the biggest public research institute in France.

Together we can unlock the technical issues that you are facing.

APREX team

We are specialists in plasma physics, we have been developing and working with a wide variety of measuring instruments, spectrometer, camera, probes…

Over many years, we gained a know-how and an expertise in the development of experimental devices, measurement tools and the design of data analysis algorithms for the analysis of spectra, images, electrostatic probes…

We put these know-how, skills and expertise at your disposal.

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