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APREX was born from the desire of two former engineers, Mikael Désécures and Romain Baude, who became researchers and then entrepreneurs, to make their know-how and expertise in video and image analysis available to the industrial sector.

For several years, they have created and produced innovative measuring instruments to collect in-situ information in the field of thermonuclear fusion for the characterization, control and safety of processes or installations.

With experience in the very demanding and cutting-edge environment of thermonuclear fusion technology, they made the choice in 2016 to leave their academic background to devote themselves to the creation of a deep-tech company whose purpose is the development of algorithms and software for applications in the development, optimization, control and safety of processes in industrial facilities.

The objective is to contribute to the transition to Industry 4.0 for a better rationalization and increased security of production. The solutions we develop must enable our users to meet the new economic, ecological and societal challenges in their daily activities.

In December 2016, the APREX project was selected by the Incubator of Lorraine University to be supported during the offer and company structuring phases in particular. This support has enabled us to forge a strong link with the Institut Jean Lamour (Europe’s largest academic research institute on materials and metallurgy) through accommodation and the arrival in the APREX team of two researchers, Frédéric Brochard and Jamal Bougdira.

One year later, in November 2017, APREX SAS was founded in Nancy, France, to honor its first sale of APREX TRACK R&D software to a laboratory at the University of San Diego, California, USA.

To date several publications in international scientific journals, 3 PhD theses and a good number of conference papers refer to APREX TRACK R&D.

In June 2017, we are winners of the researchers/entrepreneurs Start-up Connexion contest of the Grand-Est Region.
After a work for securing and improving the reliability of our software, we accelerate on the industrial part with the software APREX TRACK C&M and by being C2IME winner in October 2018.

By benefiting from the support of business leaders, industrialists and financiers, we are able to concretize our high added value offer to industrialists in a coherent and regularly re-challenged
entrepreneurial plan.

Values & Vision

  • Versatility

    A tool designed from the outset to meet the diversity of needs in terms of industrial or research applications

  • Opening

    An open system, configurable by all and in full autonomy

  • Simplification

    A single core for all your applications

  • Accessibility

    You don’t need to be a specialist in image analysis or computer coding

  • Requirement

    A very high level of requirements, in line with the needs of industry or research

  • Scalability

    Faced with a new need, we are able to develop the necessary tools in a very short period of time